Top 10 Amazing Things In Nature You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

1.The Blood Falls in Antarctica

Top 10 Amazing Things In Nature You Won’t Believe Actually ExistJanuary 12, 2018

Blood Falls is an outflow of an iron oxide-tainted plume of saltwater, flowing from the tongue of Taylor Glacier onto the ice-covered surface of West Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Victoria Land, East Antarctica.The deep red falls were first discovered in Antarctica in 1911 where scientists noticed a river had stained the surrounding cliff of ice with a dark red color.

2.Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Kailua, Hawaii.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Kailua, Hawaii.January 12, 2018

One of the most amazing areas of Maui is the road to Hana. Whether you drive yourself or enjoy a relaxing Hana tour there is something special in the Hana rainforest that you should stop and see… the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree!

Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptus,[citation needed] Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum.It is found in an area that spans New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi and Mindanao, and is the only Eucalyptus species with a natural range that extends into the northern hemisphere.

3.The Wave, Arizona.

The Wave, Arizona.January 12, 2018

Another most amazing things in nature, The Wave located in Arizona, United States.The formation is situated on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness of the Colorado Plateau.

4.Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives.

Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives.January 12, 2018

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives is known for being a heaven on Earth. It has a lot of surprises for visitors, that are revealed at night. The island is much famous for it’s naturally glittering and sparkling sea water. It also known as “the Sea of Stars”. The sparking is prominent and phenomenal in Vadhoo – a small island with a population of round about 500 inhabitants. At night, the mesmerizing shining water looks like a mirror.

5.Light Pillars Over Moscow.

Light Pillars Over Moscow.January 12, 2018

A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon in the form of a vertical band of light which appears to extend above and/or below a light source. The effect is created by the reflection of light from numerous tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere or clouds.

This amazing phenomenon happens in Russia when light is reflected from ice crystals close to the ground. The effect is created by the reflection of light from numerous tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere or clouds.

6.Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia.

Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia.January 12, 2018

Amazing salt flats where the sky and ground merge into one to create dreamy landscapes. Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square km. This is not water, the ground is covered in a layer of salt crust so reflective, it perfectly mirrors the sky.

7.Cenote, Underground Natural Spring in Mexico.

Cenote, Underground Natural Spring in Mexico.January 12, 2018

A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Especially associated with the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings.

Cenotes, mostly associated with the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Nearly 7,000 cenotes in Yucatán Peninsula were discovered. These were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. The Mayans revered cenotes because they were a water source in dry times.

8.The Dirty Thunderstorm.

The Dirty Thunderstorm.January 12, 2018

A dirty thunderstorm (also volcanic lightning, thunder volcano) is a weather phenomenon that is related to the production of lightning in a volcanic plume.Volcanic eruptions also release large amounts of water, which may help fuel these thunderstorms.

9.The Ghost Trees in Pakistan

The Ghost Trees in PakistanJanuary 12, 2018

The unfortunate floods in Pakistan haven’t affected only humans, they also had a truly fascinating “side effect”: millions and millions of spiders have climbed the trees in a desperate attempt to escape the flooding water. Because of the scale of the event and the fact that the water has taken so long to recede, they have made cocoons out of the trees, in an absolutely unique phenomenon.

10.Underwater Forest in Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan.

Underwater Forest in Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan.January 12, 2018

In Lake Kaindy, trees poke from the water’s surface like misplaced toothpicks, presenting an intriguing portrait for visitors and tourists. This incredible sunken forest was created in 1911 as a byproduct of the 7.7 magnitude Kebin earthquake. The earthquake, which destroyed more than 700 buildings, triggered a massive limestone landslide that formed a natural dam. Over time, rainfall and water flowed into the area, covering the trees that grew there.