10 Of The Coolest Towns In America

Coolest Towns In AmericaMarch 17, 2017

The "coolness" of a town varies by opinion, but for us, these American small and mid-size cities have a lot going for them.
Whether they boast historic downtowns, innovative local economies, stunning natural landscapes or awesome cultural diversity, these places feature some of the coolest residents in some of the best areas of the country.

1. Silver City, New Mexico
If you like trendy cities, look no further than Silver City.
In its post-mining era, the town has become a hub of artists, writers, musicians and students at Western New Mexico State University.
Its also near the Gila Wilderness, a beautiful and expansive nature reserve.
Weather: 12°C, Wind NW at 16 km/h, 32% Humidity

2. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North CarolinaMarch 17, 2017

Visitors strolling around the cool art deco buildings or finding farm-to-table cuisine and craft beer everywhere they turn may presume Asheville has long been an affluent place.
In reality, Asheville suffered decades of shuttered buildings, areas with a full-on “ghost town” feel.
But starting in the mid-80s, a group of visionary citizens led one of the most amazing economic transformations in the US.
Fwd to 2015: Calendars full of next-level music / arts / culture festivals, boutique hotels popping up all over downtown, and pound for pound the most thriving craft beer and local food scene in the country.
Weather: -3°C, Wind S at 0 km/h, 52% Humidity

3. Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, CaliforniaMarch 17, 2017

They dont call it the Californian Riviera for nothing, the coastline of Laguna Beach is one to remember.
This little village, which began as an artist colony and retreat for Hollywood celebs in the 1920s and 30s, has become one of the top destinations in Southern California.
Yet despite its popularity, Laguna has retained a lot of its bohemian coolness.
Weather: 15°C, Wind SW at 3 km/h, 88% Humidity

4. Sitka, Alaska

Sitka AlaskaMarch 17, 2017

Sitka is an Alaskan city and borough near Juneau, the state capital.
Its spread over Baranof Island, part of Chichagof Island and others.
Dont forget your boat — this small coastal port is only accessible only by air or sea.
Weather: 4°C, Wind E at 19 km/h, 67% Humidity



The residents of Mount Desert Island are the type of free spirits that you associate with the great state of Maine.
There are restaurants, rock climbing locations and lots of boating.
The city hosts Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, too.
Areas like Gorham Mountain, Thunderhole, Shore and Sand Beach and the Precipice Trail are all reasons MDI is an amazing place to call home.
Weather: -8°C

6. Avalon, California

Avalon, CaliforniaMarch 17, 2017

This tiny seaport on Catalina Island feels more like a Mediterranean getaway than a West Coast beach.
Avalon is the only incorporated city on Santa Catalina Island of the California Channel Islands, and the southernmost city in Los Angeles County.
Weather: 13°C, Wind W at 8 km/h, 64% Humidity

7. Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, IdahoMarch 17, 2017

Sun Valley has been “cool” since before the word existed as anything besides a temperature measurement.
The pictures hanging in the hallways of Sun Valley Lodge tell the story — Ernest Hemingway at his standup desk putting the finishing touches on For Whom the Bell Tolls, JFK and family laughing on skis under a mid-winter sun, Marilyn Monroe dancing the foxtrot to the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Much has changed in those years, but the Sun Valley of today still puts ‘having a good time’ atop the priority list.
Weather: 0°C, Wind NW at 6 km/h, 60% Humidity



North Charleston is the third-largest city in the U.S. state of South Carolina, with incorporated areas in Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties.
North Charleston has seen a boom in new, young residents, perhaps due to companies like Boeing and Google locating here.
Its a hub of activity, with awesome dive bars and trendy restaurants setting up shop left and right.
Weather: 0°C, Wind NE at 0 km/h, 79% Humidity

9. Missoula, Montana

Missoula, MontanaMarch 17, 2017

Missoula is a city in the U.S. state of Montana and is the county seat of Missoula County.
It is located along the Clark Fork River.
Missoula is the art and cultural epicenter of Montana all while being an hour from seven national wilderness areas, and countless national forests, recreation areas, and river access points.
Not only does it have the highest hipster-to-civilian ratio in Montana, it also has the most PhDs working at bike and coffee shops.
Weather: -1°C, Wind NE at 2 km/h, 75% Humidity

10. Athens, Ohio

Athens, OhioMarch 17, 2017

Athens is a city in and the county seat of Athens County, Ohio, United States.
It is located along the Hocking River in the southeastern part of Ohio.
Athens is a progressive oasis in the western Allegheny foothills, known for its music scene, massive street festivals, supposed hauntedness, and, of course, the college the town revolves around: Ohio University.
Weather: -6°C, Wind N at 0 km/h, 77% Humidity