10 Self Defence Techniques All Women Should Know

Self Defence TechniquesNovember 15, 2016

1.Have A Plan
A black belt in martial arts isn’t required for you to defend yourself against an attacker.
Take a self-defense seminar, or at the very least watch some videos online.
Practice the techniques you learn and use mental imagery to plan a strategy for different scenarios.
By contemplating threatening situations in this way, you are training your body and mind to act from a place of power instead of weakness and paranoia.

2.You Need To Cause Pain
In order to be 100 percent effective, we have to discard the notion of pain as a useful tool in violence.
You dont want to "hurt" him; you need to injure him.
Anything you do in a violent, life-threatening situation that does not cause an injury is worthless to you.

3.Know The Weak Spots In The Body
If you do find yourselves in a physical confrontation, you can scratch, pull, hit or grab, as you aim directly to one of the five weak spots: Eyes, nose, neck, knees and groin!

4.You Have The Right To Fight
Don’t be afraid to fight if you feel threatened in any way. A decent man won’t approach a woman in a place that she would feel vulnerable, especially after she yells for him to stop. Statistics show that women who don’t resist are more likely to be assaulted and sustain more serious injuries than women who fight back.
When under attack, adopt the Cobra Kai code “Strike first! Strike hard! Strike fast! No mercy!” Don’t wait for things to escalate.
Your goal is not to stay and fight; it is to break away from your attacker so you can run for help.

5.Being Fit Can Save Your Life
No matter how fit or strong you are, the best way to hone your self-protection skills is to focus on targeting key points of the body.
After that, improving your fitness level can increase the force you deliver to the targets.

6.Keep Your Ears Open
Dont listen to music while walking through a bad neighborhood, and dont play things on your cellphone.
You should be aware of your surroundings and be able to hear your attackers coming.

7.Dont Be Scared To Fight
Many women are scared to strike back because they are scared of their assailants anger, or are afraid to hurt themselves.
The punch you give may hurt you, but the pain is minor and if its enough to allow you to escape - its well worth it.

8.Go For The Eyes
Our instructors told us that no matter how big someone is, getting hit in the eyes will hurt them and stun them enough to throw them off balance.
Use your thumbs to gouge their eyes.

9.Stay Visible
Be conscious of the route you choose to get home
If there are busier streets with better lighting that add ten minutes to your walk but will keep you safe, take them.
Criminals tend to stick to areas where there are fewer people for a reason and it pays to avoid them.
Also, be aware of how you are walking.
Take a wide path around corners to avoid being surprised.

10.Hit As Often And As Quickly As Possible
Punching and kicking are akin to slapping an attacker around.
If youre in danger, you need to throw all your weight into a single target, or "strike."
Imagine youre facing a giant predator and you have a big sack full of rocks.
Throw a single rock and "ouch!" is the only reaction youre likely to get.
But swing the entire sack at him, hitting him in the head, and hell be out cold.
Thats the difference between punching and striking.