30 Best list of Interesting Boyfriend Tag Questions No One Asks

Boyfriend Tag QuestionsNovember 5, 2017

Are you looking for the boyfriend tag questions? Here they are! The Youtube Boyfriend Tag has 30 questions that will show you how well your boyfriend really knows you but either way you’ll get to know each other really well during this tag, best of luck!

Hope these questions will be helpful for you guys to make video with your girlfriend/boyfriend.
It surely will be very funny and unforgettable. Feel free to comment and share your opinions.

See list below of Boyfriend Tag Questions 2016.

1.When did we meet and where?
2.Where/when was our first kiss?
3.What type of cake would she want at her wedding?
4.Does she play any sports?
5.What does she do in her free time?
6.What is one unique talent she has?
7.Who said “I love you” first?
8.When is my birthday?
9.Where does my family come from?
10.What is her favorite type of sandwich?
11.Who’s her best friend?
12.You’re going out to eat- what does she decide to wear?
13.What is her favorite meal from a restaurant?
14.What is her favorite song right now?
15.What is the best part about your relationship?
16.What food/meal would she eat every day if she could? (It is also a funny tag questions)
17.My favourite drink?
18.What is my favourite song
19.Who is my BFF?
20.What talents of mine do you LOVE?
21.Do I’ve any nickname? What is it?
22.What kind of books do I like?
23.What is the first thing that I do in the morning?
24.Where is she from?
25.First impression?
26.What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?
27.Where was our first date?
28.What eye color did you wish I had
29.What tv show do I always seem to forget?
30.What dressing do I always use?