Most Use Full Common Keyboard Shortcuts Keys For Windows

Keyboard ShortcutsJune 21, 2017

1.Documents & Files
Ctrl+N [Create a new document]
Ctrl+O [Open an existing document]
Ctrl+W [Close the current document]
Ctrl+S [Saves the current document]
Ctrl+P [Print the current document]

2.Web Browsers
Ctrl+N [Open a new window]
Ctrl+T [Open a new tab (if your browser supports tabs]
Ctrl+W [Close the current window/tab]
Ctrl+R [Refresh]
Esc [Stop]
Alt+Left Arrow [Back]
Alt+Right Arrow [Forward]
PageUp [Move up a page]
PageDown [Move down a page]
Alt+Home [Go to your homepage]
Alt+D [Move focus to the address bar to type in a URL]
Ctrl+Enter [Add "http://www." and ".com" around an address]
MiddleClick [Middle-clicking a tab will close it, even if its not the active tab]

3.Editing Text
Ctrl+B [Bold the selected text bold]
Ctrl+I [Italicize the selected text italic]
Ctrl+U [Underline the selected text]
Ctrl+Backspace [Delete the previous word]
Ctrl+Del [Delete the next word]
Ctrl+F [Find some text in the current document]
Ctrl+Z [Undo your last action]

4.Dialog Box
F1 [Display Help]
F4 [Display the items in the active list]
Ctrl + Tab [Move forward through tabs]
Ctrl + Shift + Tab [Move back through tabs]
Ctrl + (Number 1-9) [Move to nth tab]
Shift + Tab[Move back through options]
Spacebar [Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box]
Backspace [Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box]
Arrow Key [Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons]

5.Moving The Cursor
PageUp [Move the cursor up a page]
PageDown [Move the cursor down a page]
Home [Move the cursor to the beginning of the line]
End [Move the cursor to the end of the line]
Ctrl+Home [Move the cursor to the beginning of the document]
Ctrl+End [Move the cursor to the end of the document]
Ctrl+Left Arrow [Move the cursor left one word]
Ctrl+Right Arrow [Move the cursor right one word]

6.Using The Clipboard
Ctrl+C [Copy whats selected]
Ctrl+X [Cut whats selected]
Ctrl+V [Paste what you last copied or cut]
Ctrl+A [Select all]

Alt+F4 [Exit the active window]
Alt+Tab [Switch to the previous active window]
Alt+Esc [Cycle through all open windows]
Win+D [Show desktop (hit it again to show windows)]