Easy Ways To Get More Site Traffic With These Easy-To-Follow SEO Tips

SEO TipsApril 19, 2017

Search engine optimization is the best way for your website to get viewed.
By having your website show up in a web search, you are helping to increase traffic to your page.

1.One good on-page SEO technique is to use alt tags to describe all the images on your website.
By doing this, search engines will be able to index the images and find your pages.
This method also has the added benefit of helping website visitors who are using text-only browsers.

2.Search engines crawl your entire site by default so you should include a robots.txt file to exclude pages that are not relevant to your site topic.
Write the file and upload it to the root directory of the site.
This will tell the search engine what to ignore right away so it doesn;t waste time going through info that is not important.

3.To make your content more useful and relevant, you can link out to authority sites for more in-depth information your readers can use.
Linking out to well-respected authority sites will not only increase the relevancy of your content and time readers spend on your site, but it is also believed to send trust signals to Google and improve SEO ranking.
However, more is not necessarily better.
Too many outbound links can be distracting and make the content hard to get through.

4.Give each page on your web site a different title, in order to attract more attention from the search engines.
Vary your use of keywords and phrases in the titles.
Be sure not to use more than 65 to 70 characters in each title and include the most important words, early in the title.

5.When working on search engine optimization, remember to build a site map page for your site.
If your site is very large you can have two site map pages.
Spider bots are only able to index pages that can be crawled.
A site map is a way to help spiders find all of the information contained on your site.

6.If you are looking to get more traffic to your site, a great way to do so is to list your site on a pay per click program like Google AdWords.
With programs like this, your site gets advertised at the top of searches for a small price per visitor.

7.While including your keywords in as many locations as possible can be a brilliant plan to get noticed, make sure you keep them relevant to your topic, and do not stuff them in everywhere.
Some search engines will actually block sites who overload their websites who use too many, so use as many as you can.
Just don;t overdo it!

8.Google has stated that the first 3-5 words in a URL are given more weight.
So make your URLs short and sweet.
And always include your target keyword in your URL.

9.Use keywords in your meta description tag.
Try not to repeat the words overly often, but try to use multiple syntaxes of your key words.
The important metatag that you may need sometime is the Robots Metatag which looks like this:

Using the above metatag, you can tell a spider or a robot that you do not want some of your pages indexed, or that you do not want your links followed.