How To Download Facebook Photo Albums

August 25, 2016

Storing all of your portraits in a single online basket is on no account a just right idea. If you want to migrate to a different social media community or delete your profile, you can wish to be certain albums and tagged photos are backed up. Plus, considering that you may on no account be too cautious with the media you entrust to social media sites, use these 5 online tools to download tagged snap shots for safekeeping.

1.Fluschipranie (free) : Download Your Albums (FireFox) Fluschipranie is an experimental plugin for FireFox four that requires no restart to be established.
After you have it set up, browse to “Your Albums” on fb and correct-click on on your album hyperlink and discover “fluschipranie download” alternative:

2.Pick & Zip (free) : download albums, pix tagged of you, and videos from fb via this free program. Opt for which media youll wish to again up, and the program will compress the video and snap shots right into a .Zip file or .Pdf.

3.Move Your Photo(free) : This Chrome browser extension makes migrating to Google+ easy, by way of exporting fb portraits to Picasa. Share photographs with any of your Google+ circles immediately from Picasa or down load them to another backup supply.

4.PhotoLive (free) : install this browser extension into Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera and download your own snap shots or these of buddies. We like PhotoLive when you consider that the extension would not have any facebook log-in buttons — the extension does not keep track or store any person activity.

5.PhotoGrabber (free) :Photograbber is an open supply Free computing device software designed for windows, Mac and Linux that may without problems snatch and download your photos or images the place you already tagged in from fb.

PhotoGrabber has also the ability to down load all of your neighbors pics and their albums in your laptop.

DownAlbum (free) : down load fb, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Ask.Fm, Weibo Album.
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