How To Make Sperm Much Stronger

How To Make Sperm Much StrongerSeptember 15, 2017

Women’s fertility is only a small part of the process for conception, and male fertility is another important factor. The health status of the sperm includes movement, quantity, and quality. Movement is essential for the sperm to reach the egg and to increase chances of fertility, over 40% of your sperm should be moving. In terms of quantity, men are more likely to be fertile if their ejaculate contains over 15 million sperms in each milliliter. Quality also plays an essential role, as the stronger sperm you have, the more fertile you will be. Lets see how to make sperm stronger.

Note : High-Tech Gadgets Won’t Make Sperm Stronger

Mobile phones, iPads, iPods, laptops, computers etc…We can’t live without them, they are fun to use and serve a purpose. But! They are also sources of EM (electro magnetic) radiation.

Radiation targets fast growing and replicating cells. Which is why it’s so useful for cancer treatment. Sperm cells however also fall into this category, which is why cancer patients before treatments are often asked to freeze their sperm, mainly because of the chemotherapy, but also radiation can have a negative effect.

Carry your mobile phone in your jacket pocket and when you are sitting down somewhere pull it out on the table. Also try to only use headsets to make calls from it as holding the mobile phone frequently up to your ear is also not such a good idea for the brain long term!

Tips to Make Sperm Stronger & Increase Sperm Count

1.Don’t carry your mobile phone in your pocket – get a man bag, or if this is too much for you, get one of those iPod arm sleeves for sports and carry it around your arm. Always remove all EM emitting gadgets from your body when you arrive at work/home.

2.Pay Attention to Weight
Either being overweight or underweight may negatively impact a male’s sperm and weight problems can also affect libido and performance, hurting a couple’s sex life. To maintain a healthy weight, follow a healthy diet with a mix of dairy, grains, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits and be sure to take physical activities.

3.Avoid Smoking
Smoking can lower your sperm count and reduce the mobility of sperm. This means that you should try to quit as soon as possible to make your sperm stronger. If it takes some time, be sure to quit at least three months prior to starting to try to conceive, because sperm production takes around three months. In addition to quitting smoking, you should also stop using other drugs including marijuana.

4.Get those muscles working
Strong muscles contribute to fat burn, regulate your metabolism and make you look good! Exercise is one of the best things you can do to boost your health. It boosts your immune system, improves your blood circulation (which is very important for strong and lasting erections), helps sweat out toxins, improves sleep quality, improves your mood via the surge of endorphins experienced after exercise and boosts your testosterone which you need to make sperm stronger.

5.Limit the Amount of Alcohol and Caffeine

6.Exercise Regularly

7.Visit a Doctor
Before you start trying to conceive, both parties (the man and the woman) should get a thorough checkup.

9.Lessen Stress

10.Avoid Chemical Toxins
Not only can toxins have a negative impact on general health, they literally kill or damage sperm to a level which renders them unable to effect a healthy conception, causing infertility and/or being a contributing factor in recurrent miscarriages.

A lot of chemicals in our environment are hormonal disruptors and have a part to play. The key is to avoid chemicals in every form as much as possible – from cleaning products and pest control to paints, building materials, heavy metals and more. Do your homework and ensure you use every available protection from chemicals and other toxic hazards in the workplace.

11.Eat Smart
To make your sperm stronger, you need a healthy and balanced diet that contains all the major food groups as well as specific nutrients.

1.Food with Folate (vitamin B9)
2.Food with Vitamin D
3.Food with Zinc and Selenium
4.Food with Antioxidants vitamin C, and vitamin E.

12.Keep your swimmers cool
there is a reason why testicles are located outside your body (unlike ovaries, which are tucked nicely inside). Your swimmers don’t like it hot! They need to be 1-2 degree cooler than your body, hence the scrotum! Too much heat can damage sperm, so make sure that you wear loose, breathable underwear, and at night keep your testicles from overheating by sleeping with only light covers or a la nature (naked)!

13.Plastic is not Fantastic
When it comes to fertility, plastics have a negative impact on sperm quality. Plastics can cause hormonal imbalances, exerting an oestrogenic effect upon reproductive organs. This reduces the body’s production of testosterone, which in turn can decrease sperm count and may even lead to other abnormalities. The key here is to avoid plastics as much as you can particularly in the form of plastic containers, water bottles, plastic food wraps and the like. Use glass wherever possible.

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Sperm Much StrongerSeptember 15, 2017

Sperm Much StrongerSeptember 15, 2017

Sperm Much StrongerSeptember 15, 2017