The Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Gods And Goddesses

Ancient Egyptian GodsJune 23, 2017

There were over 2,000 names of gods in Ancient Egypt.
Some images of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses show them with a human body and the head of a bird or an animal.
Animals were chosen to represent the powers of the god.
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Amun was one of the most powerful gods in ancient Egypt.
King of the Gods When Amun was combined with the sun god Ra he was even more powerful.
He was then called Amun-Ra.
Amun was important throughout the history of ancient Egypt.
A large and important temple was built at Thebes to honour Amun.


AnubisJune 23, 2017

Anubis was the Egyptian god of the dead, depicted with the black head of a jackal or dog.
Anubis was the offspring of Ra and Nephthys was known for mummifying the dead ones and guiding the dead soul towards the afterlife.
Having his skin tone black, he is symbolized as the dark Nile deposits which eased off farming and making it a successful one.
With the head of a jackal and a body of the man Anubis was also symbolized Renaissance and the staining of the dead bodies after the embalming (Preserving the dead human remains).


OSIRISJune 23, 2017

Osiris was the god of the dead, and ruler of the underworld.
Osiris was the brother/husband of Isis, and the brother of Nepthys and Seth. He was also the father of Horus.
The most famous legend about Osiris relates to his death at the hands of his rival and brother Set.
Osiris was the oldest son of Geb and Nut who were the first king and queen of Egypt.


GebJune 23, 2017

Earth God The ancient Egyptians believed that earthquakes were Gebs laughter.
He was one of the most popular gods of ancient Egypt and was often depicted on household items such as furniture, mirrors and cosmetics containers and applicators as well as magical wands and knives.


HathorJune 23, 2017

Hathor was a protective goddess. She was also the goddess of love and joy.
Hathor was the wife of Horus, and was sometimes thought of as the mother of the pharaoh.
A large temple was built to honour Hathor at Dendera.


HorusJune 23, 2017

God of the sky The Egyptians believed that the pharaoh was the living Horus.
Horus has a special position in the Ancient Egypt.
Considered as the offspring of the Osiris and Isis, he avenged his father’s death and ruled Egypt.
As per other myth he is considered as the brood of the Zeb and Nut, however this falcon headed man with the crown of red and white was worshipped as the God of Sky, War, Protection, Light.
The eye of Horus or the Wedjat Eye was personified as the goddess Wadjet and was popularly known as “The Eye of the Ra”.
It symbolized that everything is being watched upon from above.
One of the best-preserved temples in Egypt today was dedicated to Horus.
It is located in Upper Egypt at a town called Edfu.


HeketJune 23, 2017

Goddess of childbirth.
This ancient goddess was revered as the protector of pregnant women and childbirth.
There were many magic protective amulets given as gifts depicting either the goddess or her symbol of the frog.
She was also associated with resurrection and an amulet depicting the frog-goddess, when laid upon a mummy, was believed to contain her protective powers.


SEKHMETJune 23, 2017

Sekhmet was the goddess of war.
Sekhmet (Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities.
Her name is derived from the Egyptian word "Sekhem" (which means "power" or "might") and is often translated as the "Powerful One" or "She who is Powerful".
She is depicted as a lion-headed woman.


THOTHJune 23, 2017

God of wisdom (writing and knowledge)
Thoth was also connected with the moon.
An ibis or baboon headed man was considered to be the most learned god in the ancient history.
Earlier considered as moon god for keeping the time count even when the sun is not there, Thoth is recognized as the one who created a 365 day calendar.


RAJune 23, 2017

Ra was the sun god.
He was the most important god of the ancient Egyptians.
Ra (Re) was the primary name of the sun god of Ancient Egypt.
He was often considered to be the King of the Gods and thus the patron of the pharaoh and one of the central gods of the Egyptian pantheon.
He was also described as the creator of everything.
Ra was so powerful and popular and his worship was so enduring that some modern commentators have argued that the Egyptian religion was in fact a form of veiled monotheism with Ra as the one god.