Mission Bay Beach Best Tourist Attractions Auckland

Mission Bay BeachJune 11, 2017

Mission Bay is a man-made aquatic park spread over six acres with 19 miles of beaches.

With its bustling feel, vibrant restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafés and pubs, Mission Bay is definitely a city beach.
A short drive from Auckland’s central business district, on a sunny day this best New Zealand beach entry hums with people playing Frisbee, taking walks and paddling in the ocean

Mission Bay is blessed with golden sands, an expansive grassy area with plenty of picturesque Pohutukawa, New Zealand’s native “Christmas tree.”
The trees are bedecked with oversized red blooms during summer.

This is a great spot to grab an ice cream from the beachfront Mövenpick store and kick back for a little relaxation in the heart of the city.

For the best beach weather and warmest water temperatures, visit from July to October, but nearly any time of year you’ll find good beach days in Mission Bay.
The calm waters are ideal for swimming, kayaking, sailing, and daydreaming.

Rent a kayak or sail boat and explore the waterways throughout the six acre aquatic park to discover your own little piece of heaven on a Mission Bay Beach.

Mission Bay BeachJune 11, 2017