Most Important Steps For Successful Content Creation

Most Important Steps For Successful Content CreationDecember 17, 2017

1.Choose a Topic To Write About
The most successful bloggers succeed because what they write adds value to the lives of their readers

2.Deciding On What The Goal Of Your Blog Post Is
You don’t create content just to get traffic.

It could be to:

Make more money
Get more subscribers
To get more back-links
To entertain
To build your brand
Or it could be to simply improve a part of your business.

3.Research Keywords For Blog Post
Once you have decided on your topic, you next have to figure out what you want to rank in Google for.

Example keywords for this post:

How to write a blog post (4000 visitors)
Blog Post Layout (90 visitors)
Blog Format (600 visitors)
Content Creation (5000 visitors)
Creating Content (230 visitors)

4.Creating Your Blog Post
The average blog post on the first page of Google is over 2000 words.

For this reason, I would suggest, always aiming to hit this number. It is not a hard and fast rule – sometimes I go well over and sometimes it is closer to 1500 words Or 400 words. But it is a fact in blogging that the highest ranking posts are often some of the longest.

5.How to Display Content For Readability
Two blog posts can have the same content, but one gets read and the other is closed within seconds. This is often down to how easy it is to skim read.

Here is how we layout our content:

Headline (h1)
Headline (h2)
Headline (h3)
Headline (h3)
Headline (h3)

6.Adding Images To Your Blog Post
Images are very important.

7.Optimize Text For SEO
Using Yoast SEO Tool, you can figure out quickly what you need to do:

Keyword should be in post title
Keyword should be in at least 1 other headline
Keyword should be in first 100 words.

8.Optimize Images For SEO
Well optimized images tell Google what your blog post is about and helps rank the page higher.

Name one image the same as your target keyword.
Name all other images related to keyword.
Add alt tags.
Compress images.

9.Add Internal And External Links
Linking in your post is important. It’s another way of telling Google what your blog post is about.

10.Marketing Blog Post For SEO and Social Media