Google Names The Most Searched Fashion Designers Of 2016

Rachel RoyJune 6, 2017

Fashion was all over the map this year.
Google just released their end-of-year trends list for 2016, rounding up some of the most popular searches of the past 12 months.
Divided by category, the company charted the top searches in categories that ran the gamut, though the most eye-catching for us were the fashion-related queries.
It seems that this year, we were searching for designers by name, though the top names may surprise you.

The single most-searched fashion designer according to Google was Rachel Roy, followed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (of The Row and Elizabeth & James).
Kendall and Kylie Jenner rounded out the top five and Kanye West made an even ten.
Some designers shinned more than others this year, and not necessarily for their clothing lines.
Here are the top most searched designers according to our friends at Google.
Rachel Roy
The designer, who was already known for her clothes and marriage to rap mogul Damon Dash, was thrust into the spotlight this year after the release of Beyonces album Lemonade.
The song Sorry famously accuses Beys husband, Jay Z, of cheating, and it points the finger at "Becky with the good hair."
Rumors flew that "Becky" was a code name for Roy.
The controversy definitely helped to boost Roys name, which is why she lands in the No. 1 spot.

2.Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate And Ashley OlsenJune 6, 2017

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, also known as the Olsen twins collectively, are American fashion designers and former child actresses.

3.Angela Simmons

Angela SimmonsJune 6, 2017

You may know her from Growing Up Hip Hop, but Angela Simmons (whos also Rev Runs daughter) is also a faux fur fashion designer who has her own line, Foofi & Bella.


ZendayaJune 6, 2017

The former Disney Channel star launched her own line, which she describes as "urban elegant."
The 20-year-old actress and singer sells the collection online and through city popups in spots like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.Kendall And Kylie

Kendall and KylieJune 6, 2017

At the beginning of SS16 fashion week in February, the Jenner sisters launched their contemporary fashion line in department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and online for e-commerce sites like ASOS.
Zendaya, Kendall and Kylie, and Beyoncé have all had news-worthy launches over the past year, which may account for their high search as of late.


BeyoncéJune 6, 2017

The Queen had a very busy 2016, and one of the many things she did this year was drop a new clothing line.
Beyoncé partnered with British brand Top Shop and created her first athleisure line entitled "Ivy Park," named after her daughter and her favorite park in Houston, TX.
The brand is exclusively sold at Top Shop and the day the clothing line launched, the Top Shop site crashed.

7.Anita Dongre

Anita DongreJune 6, 2017

You may not know her name off the top of your head, but Dongre (pictured on the right here) is Indias biggest fashion designer, and her Anita Dongre saris are crazy-beautiful.

8.Sonia Rykiel

Sonia RykielJune 6, 2017

The funky French designer known her for fun and vibrant take on knitwear died at the age of 86 this year.
Sonia Rykiel was a French fashion designer and writer.
She created the Poor Boy Sweater, which was featured on the cover of French Elle magazine.
Her knitwear designs and new fashion techniques led her to be dubbed the "Queen of Knits".

9.Ivanka Trump

Ivanka TrumpJune 6, 2017

Ivanka Marie Trump is an American businesswoman and former fashion model who is currently assistant to President Donald Trump.
The daughter of President-elect Donald Trump made headlines for other reasons this year, but her Ivanka Trump fashion line is increasingly popular.

10.Kanye West

Kanye WestJune 6, 2017

Are you at all surprised? The Yeezy designer is constantly in the news for his clothes, music and much more.
Yeezy has been all over the news this year.
But before he swung by for a meeting with Donald Trump, he hosted a much-buzzed-about Fashion Week show for his Season 4 collection.