Smart Ways To Increase Website Value

Smart Ways To Increase Website ValueDecember 3, 2017

1.Use Diversified Traffic Sources
Bloggers and online business owners boost about getting huge amounts of business from SEO, or Facebook or whatever the latest Hot Traffic method is.

You should try to get traffic from a multitude of the following sources:

Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.)
Social Media (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
RSS Feeds
Partner Websites
Other Industry Specific Blogs
Industry Specific Forums

2.Create Unique Evergreen Content
You can find many content writers for your business through freelance platforms such as:

3.Secure Domain variations | Major Social Media Extensions
With so many domain extensions available today it is difficult, not to mention impractical and costly to secure every domain extension.

Our advice – focus on securing at least the .com plus your local domain extension [e.g and]

If you are a Startup, a great place to check both Domain Name combinations and social media username availability is NAMECHECKR

4.Increase Website Worth Through Testimonials and Star Ratings

5.Get A Premium Domain Name
Premium domain names are short, memorable, easy-to-spell names that end in popular extensions like .com. They cost more than normal domains (often a lot more) – because they are more likely to drive traffic to a website.

To purchase premium domain names, you can visit any of the following markets and search for key terms in your industry:
Or a broker like

6.Inbound Link-building (Backlinks)
Getting back-links from reputable, high authority websites is a great way to build value. Overall, it helps you achieve two things.

First, getting back-links from highly reputable and authoritative websites makes your own domain more authoritative. Higher authority means you to rank higher in Search Engine results resulting in more traffic and greater revenue.

Second, back-links increase the diversity of your traffic sources directly by adding referral traffic.

7.Make Sure To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Access
The ever helpful Google have a mobile friendly test

Without a well optimized mobile experience, you’re likely to lose a lot of traffic, and with it significant revenue.

You can use an online tool, such as HubSpot’s Website Grader, to check how well your site is doing in terms of mobile optimization amongst other things.

8.Use Great Copywriting

9.Use Multiple Monetization Channels
For example, if you are a blogger you can make income from selling your own informational products, creating a mastermind group, run your own events (seminar/conferences), run Google Adsense, website sponsorship and as an affiliate.

If you have an eCommerce store, you can also add Google Adsense to your site or launch your own affiliate program.

10.Guest Posts | Write For Authority Websites

11.Make Use Of Original Image & Video Content
Video content, especially when hosted on YouTube, can also help improve search rankings. It will also improve user engagement and will increase share frequency on social media.

12.Deliver Your Content Through a CDN
A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a series of cache servers that store your online content and provide it to users from the closest server. Nowadays, CDNs deliver more than half of all traffic over the web.

A CDN adds value to your website for the following reasons:

Faster page loading speed.
Can handle high levels of traffic.
Blocks spamming bots.
Increases security against DDoS attacks.

You can check your current page loading speed here.

13.Use an SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
Acquiring an SSL certificate is essential to assure your customers that their connection to your website is secure. Its presence significantly increases customer trust, as well as the value of your online property.

Other advantages include:

Protects against phishing.
Required for Payment Card Industry (PIC) compliance.
Provides certification that the website is yours and not a carbon copy.
Increases customer trust and conversions.

14.Ensure You Have High-Quality UI/UX Design
Get a professional design for your site’s user interface and user experience. It will help you build a stronger brand image and will increase your website’s conversions as well.

You can contract professional designers through crowd-sourced design competitions on the following sites: