The Top 10 Most Lethal Rivers In The World

1.Amazon River

The Top 10 Most Lethal Rivers In The WorldAugust 20, 2017

The Amazon River, usually abbreviated to Amazon, in South America is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world and according to some authors, the longest in length.It is 6,992 km long which makes it impossible to navigate just like his Congo brother.The Amazon river is a home to some of the biggest Anaconda snakes ever seen. Yikes!

2.Yellow River

Yellow RiverAugust 20, 2017

The yellow river in China also known as Huang He is a colorful looking river you should probably avoid.Known as the mother river by all the Chinese people, the 5,464-kilometer (about 3,395 miles) Yellow River is the second longest in China after the Yangtze River .The source of its water are the Bayan Har Mountains.

3.Kern River

Kern RiverAugust 20, 2017

The Kern River is a river in the U.S. state of California, approximately 165 miles long. It drains an area of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains northeast of Bakersfield.

4.Niger River

Niger riverAugust 20, 2017

The Niger River is the principal river of western Africa, extending about 4,180 km. Its drainage basin is 2,117,700 km² in area. Its source is in the Guinea Highlands in southeastern Guinea.The river is also a disease spreader.

5.Mekong River

Mekong RiverAugust 20, 2017

The 4,350 kms long Mekong river in Asia flows through China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand.and it drains an area of 795,000 km², discharging 475 km³ of water annually & It is the worlds 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia.

6.River Nile

River NileAugust 20, 2017

The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa. It is generally regarded as the longest river in the world, though other conflicting sources cite a 2007 study that gave the title to the Amazon River in South America.It is 6,853 kms long and comfortably lodges some deadly species of snakes, spiders, crocodiles.

7.Yenisei River

Yenisei RiverAugust 20, 2017

The Yenisei River rises in Mongolia and flows northwards where it drains a large area in Siberia before finally flowing out into the Kara Sea in the Arctic Ocean via the Yenisei Gulf. The Yenisei arises near the Kryzyl city of Russia at the confluence of its headstreams By-Khem (rising in the Eastern Sayan Mountains) and Ka-Khem (rising in Mongolia), and flows for a distance of 3,487 kilometers from this point until its ultimate drainage into the Kara Sea.

8.Congo River

Congo RiverAugust 20, 2017

The Congo River is the second longest river in Africa after Nile and the second largest river in the world by discharge volume of water, and the worlds deepest river with measured depths in excess of 220 m.This river is almost impossible to navigate because its 3000 mile long waterway hosts a 75 mile long canyon also known as “The Gates of Hell”.

9.The Red River

The Red RiverAugust 20, 2017

The Red River is a North American river. Originating at the confluence of the Bois de Sioux and Otter Tail rivers between the U.S. states of Minnesota and North Dakota.This makes this river quite dangerous for those who try to dip their feet in such unpredictably twisting waters.

10.Murray River

Murray RiverAugust 20, 2017

The Murray River is Australias longest river, at 2,508 kilometres in length. Australia has got a lot of lethal rivers hasn’t it? Murray river is another ma killer who first entices the revelers into its appealing depths and currents for activities such as kayaking and rafting. All the beauty and the overwhelming joy is anyhow very fallacious and has swept away dozens in its wake.