Top 10 Best Airlines In India

Top 10 Best Airlines In IndiaNovember 5, 2017

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Airlines in India A company that runs a fleet of airplanes is an airline.
India has so many airlines and among them top rated airlines offers class service and facilities.
Most of us pick an airline for a trip based on who sells the least expensive tickets. You also need to check other things like on time performance, value for money, in flight entertainment, food and drinks, cabin crew appearance, cabin crew quality, landing – takeoff quality, check in process etc.

According To Market Share
India is one of the fastest growing air markets in the world.
After new foreign policy of investment in the air market, lots of new airlines have been started or invested in India. There are lots of private airlines increased their presence in India by ordering new fleets and destinations. We have compiled a list of the largest airlines in India according to market share.

IndiGo is a low-cost airline headquartered at Gurugram, Haryana, India.
It is the largest airline in India by passengers carried and fleet size, with a 41.2% market share as of May 2017.

2.Jet Airways

Jet AirwaysNovember 5, 2017

Jet Airways is an Indian airline based in Mumbai.
In May 2017, it was the second largest airline in India after IndiGo with an 17.6% passenger market share.

3.Air India

Air IndiaNovember 5, 2017

Air India is the flag carrier airline of India.
It is the third largest domestic airline in India in terms of passengers carried, after IndiGo and Jet Airways with a market share of 13% as of May 2017.


SpiceJetNovember 5, 2017

SpiceJet is a low-cost airline headquartered in Gurgaon, India.
It is the fourth largest airline in the country by number of domestic passengers carried, with a market share of 12.6% as of March 2017.


GoAirNovember 5, 2017

GoAir is a low-cost carrier based in Mumbai, India.
It is owned by the Indian business conglomerate Wadia Group.
In May 2017 it was the fifth largest airline in India with an 8.5% passenger market share.

6.Air India Express

Air India ExpressNovember 5, 2017

Air India Express is an Indian low-cost carrier headquartered in Kochi.
It is operated by Air India Charters Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of flag carrier airline Air India.


JetKonnectNovember 5, 2017

JetLite is a low-cost subsidiary of Jet Airways.
It was formerly known as Air Sahara until the buyout by Jet Airways which rebranded the airline as JetLite.

8.AirAsia India

AirAsia IndiaNovember 5, 2017

Air Asia India is an Indian low cost carrier headquartered in Chennai, India.
Air Asia India commenced operations on 12 June 2014 with Bangalore as its primary hub.
Market share of 3.3%.

9.Air Costa

Air CostaNovember 5, 2017

Air Costa was an Indian regional airline headquartered in Vijayawada and based out of Chennai Airport.
It was owned by Indian business company LEPL Group.

10.Vistara Airlines

Vistara AirlinesNovember 5, 2017

Tata SIA Airlines Limited, operating as Vistara, is an Indian domestic airline based in Gurgaon with its hub at Delhi-Indira Gandhi International Airport.