Top 10 Sex Common Mistakes Women Make In Bed

October 31, 2016

1.Not Giving Blow Jobs
Somewhere along the way, some women picked up the belief that giving head is hard, or a burden, or even a little degrading.
But the flip side to that is that it’s the empowering way to intimately making your man come.
Men love enthusiasm.

Don’t assume that he’s just trying to finish up and be done with it.
If anything, slowing him down should actually be the intention.
Men love tantalizing fluttery neck kisses as much as you do.

3.Playing The Submissive One
Well, men wooing women sounds really good but is it necessary only they doing the wooing part? why not you ladies? Learn to play out of your comfort zone ladies! After all sex is an act that involves two!

4.Trying To Talk After The Act
The man is ripped of his energy pleasing you in the bed. So let him rest for some time before you start talking.

5.Not Initiating Sex.
Every guy will appreciate a sexual approach, and if he’s not in the mood then who cares.

6.Don’t Fake It
You are ‘in a strange manner’ cheating him, if you are faking it. Don’t think he is incapable. Let him know an give him a chance.

7.Being Bored.
Good sex is impossible to be boring, so if you’re bored it’s time to take things into your hands and shake things up until you’re not bored anymore.

8.Don’t Use Teeth!
When you happily go down on him, please make sure you don’t treat it like a candy, where you go from licking and chewing to biting. As a rule, don’t use your teeth.

9.Men Are Very Serious When It Comes To Sex.
Do not argue with what he dis was right and what was wrong.
It can smash his ego.

10.Skipping The Sense Of Humor.
Sex at its best is still messy and full of unexpected hair pulls and noises from below.
But it’s that way for everyone, so what can you do besides laugh it off?