Top 10 Tips How To Be A Real And True Friend

November 16, 2016

We all want to have true friends, but the quality of our friends depend on us.
If you want to have true friends, you should be a true friend yourself.
By being a true friend, people will love to be around you and many of them will eventually become your true friends.

just follow these steps.....

1.Only Make Promises You Know You Can Keep
If you say youll hang out with a friend and a legitimate conflict arises, explain the situation and trust that the friendship is strong enough for the nos as well as the yeses.

2.Keep Secrets
Friendship involves a lot of secrets that shared only between true friends.
You must know to keep the deepest of secrets shared by your friend with the assurance that it will not be leaked out.

3.Be Honest
If you want to be a good friend and to have people trust you, then you have to be honest about your feelings, about your friends actions, and about how you feel about your friendship.

4.Be Real
Connect with people whom you value on a deep level if you want to have sustainable, long-term friendships.
Invest in people you can be yourself around.
If your behavior lacks sincerity, your friendship wont last.

5.Be Respectful
Good friends show respect for each other by being openly and mutually supportive.
If your friend has certain values and beliefs that dont align with your own, respect his or her choices and be open to hearing more about them.

6.Forgive And Forget
Fights are a part of being friends; you may fight a number of times but always forgive each other, that the way it will make your friendship stronger.

7.Trust Others
If you treat others as good and trustworthy people, they will also treat you likewise.
Believe in your heart that people are naturally good, even when they seem to be the opposite.
People will feel how you believe in them and they will be touched by your sincerity.

8.Listen When They Talk
I’m sure you would like a listening ear when you talk.
Similarly your friend too needs a listening ear to express their emotions.
Keep your eyes, ears and heart open when they talk to you.

9.Help Deal With Struggles
if they are going through a really hard time, help them deal with it.
Tell them they are not alone you’ve got their back and you should really mean it.
If you think you can advice them then jump in for the rescue.

10.Stay In Touch
Distance should never come between friends.
Good friends know how to stay in touch no matter how long it’s been since they last saw each other.
Keep in touch through phones and messages, share a good conversation.