Top Most Popular Celebrity Gossip And Entertainment News Websites Online

Top Most Popular Celebrity Gossip And Entertainment News Websites OnlineMarch 15, 2017

Inhots is hottest site in the world & You want to see pictures of hot stars.
Inhots is one of the biggest and most popular celebrity news website’s in the world, and already made it to our list of the best entertainment sites.
Each article highlights the celebrity name right at the top to easily scan news,Photos,Biograpghy along with Photo categories and tags for specific types of news. And hey, listicle roundups too!
& All type photo provided this Hot,Bikini,Selfie Girl,Towels Girl,Sporty Girl. and More.

Though their name implies they will tend to be quite bitchy, they arent quite as bad as some of the other sites out there. Dont get us wrong, there is a healthy dose of snark mixed in.

3.Perez Hilton
Entertainment news doesnt get much more dishy than with Perez Hilton, the self-proclaimed "queen of all media." Hilton started a small blog several years ago and it all went downhill from there. Updated many times a day, this site is where entertainment industry insiders go to get the good stuff. Perez himself has become a bit of a celebrity with this blog, as hes been able to score inside scoops rubbing elbows with the very people hes putting gossip items up about on his blog.

Covers general celebrity gossip, but they have a distinct fondness for female celebrities having nipple slips" and problems getting in and out of cars properly.

5.E! Online
Anyone interested in glitz and glamour knows the “E!” logo and everything it stands for. E! Online, the website of Entertainment Television, is the one-stop-shop for all the entertainment news you can handle.

Always controversial, always full of celebrity news, TMZ is one of the most popular entertainment sites on the Web today due to aggressive reporters and amazing scoops. TMZ is infamous for breaking news before most other outlets.

Michael K. over at Dlisted delivers consistently hilarious (and off-color!) celebrity news and commentary. Always wickedly funny with off-color humor, Dlisted is where to go when you really want to see the comedic side of celebrities.

8.The Superficial
You want to see pictures of hot stars or find out who is dating who? The Superficial will keep you up to date, and is unafraid to publish NSFW photos (Not Safe For Work, in case you didn’t know Internet slang) or other risque content as well. Adults only, please!

If you like People magazine, then youll love the People website - tons of celebrity news, behind the scenes candids, and loads of exclusives you wont find anywhere else.

Part of the endlessly growing Sugar network, Popsugar tends to focus on pictures of celebrities out doing their every day things and then tying those pictures in to various other news on them.